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QAADRANT Winter 2017-18

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  • Reflections on QAAD’ weekend at Charney

  • Supreme Court verdict on Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol in Scotland QAAD’s change of director

  • DCMS announces a consultation on gambling machines and social responsibility measures

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QAADRANT Autumn 2017

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  • QAAD’s weekend at Charney

  • Report from Alcohol Concern in Wales

    QAAD’s change of director

  • News of a project from Adfam

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QAADRANT Summer 2017

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  • Signposts for the soul

  • ADHD and substance problems

  • Addiction and Jung archetypes

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QAADRANT Spring 2017

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  • Gambling problems among prisoners

  • A dialogue with Friends

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QAADRANT Autumn 2016

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  • To be acknowledged, to be heard:
    Voices from the QAAD Woodbrooke conference

  • Crosses and circles: a Friend reflects

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QAADRANT Summer 2016

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  • A safe place to share:
    Join us at the QAAD Woodbrooke conference

  • Support for a vulnerable group

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QAADRANT Spring 2016

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  • What is it about circles? A Friend reflects

  • The new psychoactive substances

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QAADRANT Winter 2015

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  • A Friend shares insights from his recovery

  • Reports from the Alcohol Concern conference

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Contact us

Posted on: November 2nd, 2015 by nialldcrowley

If you would like to know more about any aspect of QAAD’s work, please contact us using any of the contact details below.

If you are a Friend or an Attender who would like to receive personal advice about an issue relating to substance use or gambling, please telephone if you would like to. If you are a Friend or an attender with relevant experience that would enable you to offer support to others, we would also be glad to hear from you.

Contact is also welcomed if you would like to discuss a QAAD contribution to a meeting or gathering.


Helena Chambers, QAAD Director.
21 Church Street,
Tewkesbury GL20 5PD
Telephone: 01684 299247

Please click here to get in touch via email.


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QAADRANT is the quarterly publication of QAAD, which contains a combination of news, articles, personal experiences and insights and letters. The magazine is published as an insert in the Quaker journal the Friend and is also circulated by post to individual Friends on request. We know that it finds its way into many circles through Friends’ initiatives, including prisons and treatment agencies. QAADRANT is also available online.

We very much welcome contributions from Friends on any subject within our concern – the use and problem use of alcohol, other drugs: legal, illegal and prescribed, and gambling. QAADRANT is edited by a small group of trustees and QAAD’s Director, Helena Chambers.

Contributions can be of any length up to 1,000 words. We welcome personal pieces, views on policy or social issues, personal insights into recovery, book reviews and creative contributions such as poetry. Perspectives on those with direct experience of problems or from their close others are also featured regularly.

If you would like to write for us, please contact Alison Mather (see contact page), who will be very glad to give more information.