QAAD: Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs

Friends and meetings

Led by the needs of Meetings and individual Friends, QAAD offers balanced information, support and advice on all matters within our concern. We provide speakers to Local and Area Meetings who wish to explore any aspect of substance use, misuse or dependence, ranging from the personal or spiritual to wider social concerns.

When Friends are affected by substance issues (either personally or in their close others) we give advice and, when appropriate, facilitate supportive and confidential links between Friends with similar experiences.  Elders and Overseers are also welcome to contact us to discuss situations ranging from the preventative to those involving dependence.

We organise and facilitate gatherings that bring Friends together for support and exploration of subjects within our concern, particularly QAADNET meetings and our biennial Woodbrooke Conference. It is our experience and hope that these gatherings facilitate spiritual sharing and resilience.

We also publish written briefings on matters within our concern and advise Friends and Meetings how effective action may be taken.  We make links with Quakers with similar concerns in areas like criminal justice, and offer workshops or training on request.