QAAD: Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs


Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July 2018

Being lost in addiction can be one of the darkest nights of the soul, but we know that however dark, the Light can shine and help to illuminate pathways through.  There are many paths, and not all are direct or easy to tread.  Addiction can feel like a maze, tempting those who navigate it with false trails and dead ends. We may feel lost and disorientated, or believe that we have found the only way through.  It can help to meet others who share and understand this journey, reflecting on experiences, strengths, hopes and fears together.  A phrase, an idea, an insight – each can plant a seed of greater understanding and leave us to face the future with renewed energy.

We know that everyone who attends the conference brings with them a wealth of insight and many different perspectives which we harnessed this year by giving the conference a different tempo and offering as many opportunities as possible to share and discuss what most concerns us all.

Rather than a choice of workshops, the weekend’s main session was an ‘Open Space’ event, a dynamic, inclusive approach directly focused on the interests and energy of all who take part.  For this, we were joined by an experienced facilitator, Julia Stafford, who has worked for many years in the charity and community sectors.

There was plenty of time to meet informally over the weekend, and a choice of activities including an open Fellowship meeting; a meeting for Close Others; an arts workshop; a chance to view some topical TED talks; some light-hearted entertainment; and a reflective evening for sharing inspirational poetry, texts and music.

We were grateful that the conference was accepted by Quaker Life as a nominating event.