QAAD: Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs

Young friends

QAAD seeks to support young Friends in ways that are responsive to their needs, views and lives. On an individual level we can be contacted for advice, and we offer group sessions that enable young Friends to share their experiences and consider Quaker testimonies on substance use and gambling.

Workshops are available for any kind of event, including special interest groups at Quaker gatherings and Link Groups.  Sessions are developed collaboratively with the young Friends involved, and with those who work with them. We have also collaborated with other groups involved with young Friends, including the Children and Young People’s Team at Friends House and the Leaveners, and we are members of the Quaker Youthwork Forum.

We supported an innovative alcohol education film made by Lianna Pim, who was then a student at Sibford School and are always open to new ways of responding to young Friends, including Young Friends General Meeting, whose gatherings we have also attended by invitation.

To access the materials that have been produced with young Friends, please visit our ‘Resources and Education’ page.