QAAD seeks to address the harm related to the use and misuse of legal, illegal and prescribed substances and gambling within a framework of Quaker values. We explore the spiritual dimensions of these issues within the Quaker testimony of abstinence and moderation, with a view to strengthening resilience to potential or established problems. We offer support to individuals and Quaker meetings, to raise awareness and improve understanding.

We endeavour to include all the perspectives of contemporary Quakers and do not promote any particular treatment method for problem use and recovery, taking instead an inclusive approach to the range of interventions available. We welcome the warm relationships we have with Quakers and Attenders who are members of the 12-Step Fellowships, as well as those who have found other paths.

QAAD is a Quaker Recognised Body (QRB) and a registered charity and became a company limited by guarantee in 1996. It is managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed and conduct their business in accordance with Quaker Practice as observed by the Religious Society of Friends.

Our beliefs

We believe that all those who suffer from the effects of harmful use or dependence on substances and/or gambling deserve compassion and understanding. As Quakers, we believe that it is extremely important to demonstrate our willingness to listen and show kindness, withholding judgement and preconceptions. We know that these problems will be present in many Meetings, but all too often they remain hidden. Stigma and shame prevent people who need help from talking about what is happening in their lives. Our hope is that through our own work, and that of others working in this field, some light can begin to pierce the darkness.