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QAAD’s work has given rise to a variety of materials, usually developed in conjunction with Friends in order to explore and share ways to improve understanding and support for those affected. Using the tabs above, you can also read reports and articles produced by other organisations working in the fields of public health, addiction, harm reduction and treatment.

‘To Use or Not to Use’

This book is based on research among Quakers about their attitudes towards alcohol, gambling, and illicit or illegal drugs, conducted by Helena Chambers (QAAD’s former Director). It explores how Friends consider the testimonies of abstinence and moderation, and features personal accounts of abstinence, use, and addiction. A particular focus is how Friends view these issues in relation to their spiritual lives. The research was written up, with some extra observations, in an article entitled ‘Spirituality and Quaker Approaches to Substance Use and Addiction’ and published in the academic journal Religions. It can be read here.

If you would like to purchase or loan the book, please contact our Director.