Our public work


What is our perspective as Quakers?

QAAD explores the spritual dimensions of alcohol problems within the Quaker testimony of abstinence and moderation. We aim to include all the perspectives of contemporary Quakers and do not promote any particular treatment method. Instead, we take an inclusive approach to the range of interventions available. We welcome the warm relationships we have with Quakers and Attenders who are members of the 12-Step Fellowships, as well as those who have found other paths.

Our work is founded on the evidence base, which tells us that some groups, and some people, are more vulnerable to developing problems than others – mainly because of social and/or personal factors.  There is also considerable evidence that the affordability of alcohol, its availability, and cultural attitudes all have a bearing on how widespread alcohol problems become, as do social inequalities. For QAAD, addressing these factors links with our Quaker witness of responding to ‘that of God in everyone’ and our belief in the importance of compassion, community, and connection.

Consultation responses

Response to the Commission on Alcohol Harm: Inquiry into the Effects of Alcohol on Society (2020)

Response to the Welsh Government: Setting the Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol (2018)